We are a team of creatives who share a vision. We want you to look and feel your best in everyday comfort. Get to know the inspiring, driven, and magical team behind the brand.

Megan Eddings, Founder & CEO 

I founded Accel Lifestyle because, even though there are so many fitness apparel  companies today, none of them hit all the boxes on my checklist. I wanted to support a fashionable fitness apparel company that has an ethical supply chain (no sweatshops), and a fabric that doesn’t smell from sweat. What did I find?Absolutely nothing. And, I wanted to change that.

I majored in Chemistry with a Specialization in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia and worked in labs both at UVA and Brown University. With my science background and love for fitness and fashion, it took three years to create the fabric from scratch, using the most luxurious threads available and a trade secret protected science. After working as an internationally-recognized sales representative for Fortune 500 companies, I trusted I could use the tools I have learned to create the fabric and ultimately Accel Lifestyle. I have set lofty goals for the company and for myself. Think Big...Now Think Bigger. We’re starting with shirts for men and women (because those stink the most…haha!) and scaling to a full fitness apparel line from there.

I believe in the power of collaborations, appreciating this beautiful life we’re given and I try to bring sunshine wherever I go.

I’ve always had a strong love for helping others and Accel Lifestyle gives me opportunities to continue this on a larger scale. I became a motivational speaker and author, empowering others to take the first steps towards starting their own company and breaking through their own fears. I consider myself a “Positivity Enthusiast” and I find inspiration and motivation from other entrepreneurs before me that had an idea, were persistent and resilient, and now run successful companies.

“If they can do it, I can do it!” is a simple, yet powerful phrase, that encourages me daily. I see Accel as a symbol of that same encouragement for other people who are trying to make a positive change in their life.

Here are some amazing career details about Megan: 
Business Competition Winner: Liftoff Houston (2017), Winner of HCC/ Newspring Business Plan Competition (2018), Top 3 finalist in Inc. Magazine/ UPS Store small Biz Salute (2018), 1 of 40 entrepreneurs selected for Inc. Magazine’s Founders Project

Chris McHan, Chief Strategy Officer 

Chris McHan delivers 30 years of experience leading Accel Lifestyle’s strategy for expanding our current product offerings as well as expanding into other products and markets. An entrepreneur at heart, Chris has spent his career driving business growth and market leadership within culturally diverse environments in the healthcare space. Joining Accel was natural because Accel matches the fabric that makes up Chris’s life – giving back to others, developing solutions to meet today and tomorrow’s challenges, working hard with good people and enjoying the journey of life together.  

Beginning in medical supplies sales, Chris earned more responsibility moving into to Strategic Account Management then to VP of Sales and most recently joined Accel after being the President of a imaging company breaking into the North American hospital market. Working at startup, capital equipment, imaging company enabled Chris to build a company from the ground up that delivered value to healthcare providers; giving these healthcare providers a reason to leave their comfort zone of buying from the big box diagnostic imaging companies to buying from Chris’ organization so they could maximize the value of the product as well as receive the attention they deserved as a customer.

Chris holds an MBA from Baker College – Center for Graduate Studies; a bachelor’s degree from Harding University; and a Mediation Certification from University of Houston Law Center.  

Accel’s strategy is simple – always growing, always giving back and always being better tomorrow than we are today!

Amanda Cotler, Director Of Operations  

There is not a doubt in my mind that Accel Lifestyle is not only a fitness apparel company, but also a movement that is destined to hit every continent on this earth.

After graduating with a Business degree from the College of Charleston, I fell in love with fitness while juggling a stressful corporate job, sitting on the board of a business organization, and living the millennial lifestyle. As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, my passions include turning fitness apparel into evening wear in a matter of minutes. I have always focused on supporting brands that have integrity and make a difference.

I met Megan through Houston’s fitness hub, Fitness in the Loop, and our initial lunch date led to goal planning, strategizing and a very strong friendship. Things instantly clicked into place and I knew it was time to leave the corporate world and build something larger than I even knew was possible.

Standing as the Director of Operations for Accel Lifestyle and a contributor of Forbes, I have learned the value of partnerships and working to find creative solutions. At Accel, I work to create ways we can inspire our customers to create their own greatness and live a life in motion.

Teresa Nguyen, Community Manager 

I love being a part of a company that has created something incredible and innovative to help people and that strives in making an impact in the community and giving back. Being the Community Manager, this role allows me to build relationships and connect with our Accel family from all over the world. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a focus in Nutrition from the University of North Florida and my ACE Certification in Group Fitness Instruction. I believe in taking care of your body from the inside by eating well, exercising, and being kind to yourself and others, and I want to share this knowledge with others. I met Megan through a fitness charity event that she hosted the summer of 2017 and admired her heart & vibrant personality. She then asked me to be an Accel Lifestyle model that fall and a fitness instructor for Fitness in the Loop the beginning of 2018! I was excited to be a part of two brands that I believed were making a difference in people’s lives. I am even more ecstatic now that I get to do that every day as the Community Manager.