We Created A BETTER Fabric

You might want to look like you came from the gym, but you don’t want to smell like it. When you’re powering through a workout, you’re doing more than stepping on a treadmill or picking up some weights. You are hitting new PR, crushing goals and that hard work does not always smell fresh. 

When you wear our proprietary Prema gear, the  only thing in the air will be high fives, smiles and maybe even some winks (we’re serious)... 

Why You’ll Feel Confident Wearing Accel Lifestyle

After 3 years in the lab, our Prema™ fabric was created by a chemist, specifically so you could have the quality essentials that are anti-stink, ethical and sustainable. Crafted with love, integrity and durability from the highest quality materials in the USA, our premium Prema  fabric will eliminate odor, and will keep you feeling confident. Our game changing fabric uses a proprietary blend of silver-poly fibers woven with Supima®, the finest cotton in the world. After years of sample making, extensive wear and antimicrobial tests, we’ve confirmed that Prema is the best anti-stink fabric on the market. 

Silver has been used for years as an antimicrobial, but not all fabric that uses silver is the same. The silver science we use actually inhibits the growth of the smell-causing bacteria, focusing on Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. All ingredients are EPA-registered  and formulated with no harsh chemicals or solvents, which means it is gentle on your skin and on the environment. Unlike traditional performance fabrics, our patent pending Prema also uses Supima®, which is soft on your skin, but tough on odor.



Revolutionary to the fitness apparel market, we decided to include the finest cotton in the world, Supima®. We could have chosen any cotton, but we only want to use the best. Supima® accounts for less than 1% of the world’s cotton and is grown right here in the USA. 

Supima is not like regular cottons… it’s way cooler! Not to get too technical, but it has extra long staple fibers that gives the cotton its premium properties: indulgently soft touch, natural resiliency, deep rich color retention and the ability to withstand pilling over time. 

Supima Cotton is also much stronger than regular cotton, meaning the stronger fibers make a more durable fabric, which means your Accel Lifestyle gear will last longer.  Oh yeah, and not only will your shirt feel crazy soft now, it will only get softer as time passes. 

A huge added bonus is that it is biodegradable too, a win-win for you and the environment. We use Supima® cotton because of its durability, softness and strength. Very few companies use Supima in their fitness apparel. We sourced Supima® as the perfect partner to our tech because we wanted to offer something that we all wish we had. Elevated feel and functionality, you will notice that our fabric does not feel itchy or synthetic, thus chaff-free. You will notice that It moves with you during your sweatiest of workouts, yielding anti-stink properties, softness and durability. 

We went through rigorous testing to ensure our Prema fabric passed even the stinkiest of tests. One of the most technologically advanced fabrics, Prema is engineered with proprietary blend of Supima® Cotton and science that is tough on odor and gentle on your skin and the environment.

We think it is cool to have science in our fabric. Our silver-poly is woven directly into our fabric so it will not wash away or fade over time. We put the fabric through rigorous antimicrobial tests to ensure its effectiveness and longevity. Tested by one of the same labs the government uses, our fabric is rated to last up to 100 washes!  

To ensure the garment’s effectiveness, longevity and shape, don’t forget to check the care label before washing.