It's not magic, it's science.

We create the best stuff. Seriously, we do and have the data to prove it;  98% effective after 100 washes.  So when we say your gear stays clean, we mean it! By clean, we mean free from odor causing, harmful bacteria. Gross, we know. 

All science is not created equally, and silver has been used for years as an antimicrobial.  So here’s the scoop, our trade secret science is different. Our poly-silver science is knit directly into our Prema® fabric, stopping bacteria from entering the fabric and...voila, clean fabric (talk about high tech). 

Prema® Antibacterial Fabric  

Without completely nerding out, we’ll give you the Cliffnotes.

1. Liberates your nose. Remember that science? It fights odor.
2. Keeps you clean. Yep. Cleanliness built-in. Works between washes, so you don’t have to.
3. Protects your skin. Maskne is a thing of the past.  

We use the best ingredients. 

We ditched harsh chemicals and solvents, so our Prema® fabric is gentle on your skin and on the environment.

What’s all the hype about? We use luxurious Supima® cotton in our proprietary blend. Soft, breathable, and lightweight, Supima® feels like a cloud against your skin. Supima is also 100% American grown. It is twice as durable as regular cotton, resilient, and lasts longer. Better for Mama Earth, because it is biodegradable. We’ve reimagined performance fabrics. It’s our mission for you to Accel.