It All Started With a Stinky Tee

Accel Lifestyle was founded because Megan's husband's workout shirts stunk, even after washing. She set out to make a better material and created revolutionary antibacterial tech in the process. After three years of lab testing to perfect the blend, Prema® fabric was born.  

A Better Way

The better way is Prema® Fabric. Prema® is more than a material that is odor and bacteria free after wearing or washing; it is a process honoring the environment, respecting the people that make it, and leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint. Prema® is connecting us to our health and our wellbeing today, tomorrow, and the next day.

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Values Quality 

Leading edge fabric technology, sustainability initiatives and comfort… it doesn't get more advanced than this. From fiber to finished garment, everything is made ethically and sweatshop-free right here in the USA. We have partnered with factories that are run by leaders, manufacturers and engineers who are committed to quality. Our versatile pieces are made from the most luxurious threads, incorporating anti-stink technology that will carry you throughout your entire day.

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