Work Out. Go Out. Stay Fresh

Accel Lifestyle was founded with a lofty, but sustainable goal: to create fashionable fitness apparel (for men and women) that keeps you smelling fresh, all while being socially conscious.

Launching 2018

Prior to launch, we want to let you know about what we stand for, our voice, passions and science behind the technology. We spent 1.5 years custom-creating the fitness fabric: focusing on supreme wicking and being truly antimicrobial (trade secret science embedded in the fabric).

We strongly believe in treating people fairly and kindly, so we offer full transparency to the entire supply chain (from fibers to final garment). To ensure social consciousness, every fiber/thread/garment is manufactured in the United States.

We look forward to having you join our movement, being part of our lifestyle, and being an active member of our tribe.

Accel In Motion

Everyone can benefit from inspiration, encouragement, and love.  As a result, we started Accel in Motion and we'd love to see this "Go Global".  All we ask is that you write a note of encouragement (ie. You are beautiful, I am proud of you, you deserve love, etc) and give this to a stranger.  You can put this on a doorstep, under a wiper blade of a car or just hand it to someone.  To go a step further, you could even throw in a few dollars. We'd love to hear your stories of how Accel in Motion has touched your life. Please tag #AccelInMotion on stories, content and photos. Let's all be part of a movement of having positivity and love go viral.