Press Release

Accel Lifestyle Ready to Raise $25,000 in Kickstarter Campaign

HOUSTON, TX - After nearly two years in the making, Accel Lifestyle launches its athleisure brand with a Kickstarter Campaign that begins May 1, 2018. It’s a labor of love for Accel Lifestyle Founder Megan Eddings, who combined her mission to create quality fitness apparel for men and women with her values ofspreading positivity and empowerment. She calls Accel Lifestyle an Ethical Fashion line and for very good reason.

“From the fibers to the finished garments, Accel Lifestyle is sourced and made in the USA. I have personally visited every mill, knitter and supplier to ensure fair wages and proper treatment of the workers,” explains Eddings.

Mixing science with ethics, Eddings used her chemistry background to produce a custom antimicrobial fabric that keeps Accel Lifestyle’s clothing smelling fresh even after the sweatiest of workouts.

“After researching fitness apparel fabric that is available today and understanding the scientific reasons for ‘stinky gym clothes’, I knew the only way the fabric could truly be part ofour busy lifestyles was if I custom created the fabric myself,” adds Eddings.

Accel Lifestyle’s cutting-edge shirts will be on sale on May 1 when the Kickstarter Campaign begins. Those men and women who are the first to purchase a piece from the line will receive 20% off retail.

“It will be a fantastic opportunity for customers to be one of the ‘firsts’ to buy Accel Lifestyle, and they’ll be buying the shirts for a fraction of the retail cost. As a sole-founder, it is an awesome way for me to start generating revenue for production and expanding my patent protection into other countries. Launching the Kickstarter Campaign will be my time to show the world the mission, values, and details about Accel Lifestyle and how they can be a part of it,” says Eddings.

For more information on Accel Lifestyle, go to or follow the athleisure brand on Instagram and Facebook at @accellifestyle.

#### Megan Eddings is the Founder of Accel Lifestyle, an athleisure apparel line for both men and women. Eddings dubs herself “The Creative Chemist”. With her Chemistry background, she created a custom anti-microbial fabric using the most luxurious threads. The fabric uses a protected science that is free of chemicals. Eddings is currently working on the patent for this high-end technology that allows her fitness pieces to be worn, worked out in, and sweat in without starting to smell like most fitness clothes begin to do. Eddings also cares about how humans are treated, which is why Accel Lifestyle is an ethical fashion brand. She visited each fabric supplier, mill and factory to ensure that the people creating Accel Lifestyle’s clothing were treated and compensated fairly for their work. Accel Lifestyle’s clothing is not only scientific and ethical, it’s also motivational. Because Eddings believes in encouraging others to be their best, shoppers can enjoy inspirational quotes on their athleisure wear. Accel Lifestyle will be available online at and in select fitness boutiques in the Houston area.