our story

Accel Lifestyle was founded with the lofty, but sustainable goal: to create fashionable socially-conscious fitness apparel for people who sweat and want to smell fresh. The founder has a background in chemistry with a specialization in biochemistry. She also is an avid fitness enthusiast, loving everything from yoga to weightlifting.  Her primary love in life is to empower, motivate and inspire those around her.  By combining everything that she believes in, Accel Lifestyle was born.

While researching the fitness apparel market, she came across numerous articles and videos on the use of sweatshops, horrific treatment and pay of the workers and the overall lack of exposure to this industry in mainstream media.  The environment and humanity are literally being destroyed by most of the clothes we all wear today. After reading that some people work 20 hour days and only make a few dollars (making garments that we easily pay $80 for), she decided that she would ensure that, from fiber to finished garment, every worker would be paid and treated fairly. By visiting each and every fiber supplier, mill, and factory, Accel Lifestyle has created a company that truly cares about the welfare of others. Have love in mind with everything you do and your life (and the lives around you) will be enriched.

Another problem is the cheap fabric that is most common with fitness apparel and the smell that comes along with this fabric. How many times have you lifted up your arm to see if it was you who smelled while working out? Better yet, how many times have you started sweating in a shirt and the shirt began to smell immediately? Don’t even get us started on the smell that comes out of a gym bag when your clothes have been left in there overnight. We live in a world where this should not be happening.

Researching the market and seeing what was available, the founder was disappointed with the lack of “antimicrobial” solutions and decided to custom create the fabric herself. It has taken about 2 years to create the fabric, using the most luxurious threads available and a trade secret protected science (chemical free).

We want what you wear to be a reflection of your values.