Megan Eddings- Founder + CEO

I founded Accel Lifestyle because, even though there are so many fitness apparel companies today, none of them combine everything that is most important to me and many fitness enthusiasts. I was looking for a fashionable fitness apparel company that has a fully transparent supply chain (no sweatshops) and doesn’t have fabric that smells from sweat. What did I find?

Absolutely nothing…

I majored in Chemistry with a Specialization in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia and worked in labs both at UVA and Brown University. With my science background and love for fitness and fashion, I have custom created the fabric and the entire company from scratch. Accel Lifestyle is starting with shirts for men and women (because those stink the most...haha!) and will eventually scale to a full fitness apparel line.

I was also an internationally-recognized sales representative for Fortune 500 companies and use the tools I have learned to foster meaningful relationships. I believe in the power of collaborations, appreciate this beautiful life we were given and try to make people smile wherever I go.

While working on Accel Lifestyle, I became a motivational speaker and author, empowering others to take the steps towards starting their own company and breaking thru their fears. I consider myself a “Positivity Enthusiast” and I find inspiration and motivation from other entrepreneurs before me that had an idea, were persistent and resilient, and now run successful corporations.

“If they can do it, I can do it!” is a simple, yet powerful phrase, that encourages me daily. I want to be that same encouragement for other people trying to make a positive change in their life.

Amanda Cotler - Director of Operations

Accel is as wearable as it is sophisticated for all aspects of my day. I fell in love with fitness years ago when I juggled a stressful corporate job, sitting on the board of a business organization, and living the millennial lifestyle that any 25 year old gal would be. As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, I wanted the perfect trendy wardrobe to carry over from the gym to the street that was not made in sweatshops.

Megan and I met through Houston’s fitness hub, Fitness in the Loop, and our initial lunch date led to goal planning, strategizing and a very strong friendship. Things instantly clicked and I was ready to officially join the Accel Lifestyle team and prepare for launch! With a Business Degree from the College of Charleston and love for fashion, fitness and all things chic, there is not a doubt in my mind that Accel Lifestyle will be not only be a fitness apparel company, but also an inspirational movement.

After my corporate experience, I quickly learned the value of partnerships, successful event planning and creative solutions. I have thoughtfully created events to bring together other boss babes and hustlers that inspire them to create their own greatness and achieve an accelerated lifestyle.

Now go slay your day!