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Verb: To increase or accelerate. 


Let’s talk gym clothes for a second. More specifically, let’s talk about how they smell.

They smell like sh*t because they are full of bacteria...gross! We don’t blame you for reaching for that favorite shirt from college, but over time, no matter how much you wash that shirt, the stink won’t come out. And for that reason… we created a BETTER fabric.

At the core of our existence, we believe in doing things differently and better.   

We spent nearly 3 years developing a revolutionary fabric with an embedded trade secret protected science. Designed with sweating, movement and an elevated experience in mind, our anti-stink fabric is powerful enough for your sweat-sesh, but luxurious enough for your everyday hustle. 

Our entire supply chain focuses on sustainable practices and superior quality. We may be sourced and made right here in the USA, but we have #worlddomination goals in mind. We want to give the world a superior option for fitness apparel, not just because of our anti-stink technology, but also because of our focus on the environment and fair labor laws.



Our founder is a chemist, who is also cursed and blessed with the "sweating gene". Tired of throwing away her husband's workout clothes because of the stink, she decided to create a new fabric that is now patent-pending in 120 countries. 

After 3 years of trial and error, our team created a stronger, softer, more versatile fabric for your active lifestyle because you deserve clothes that feel good enough to wear before, during and after your workout. Our revolutionary fabric was build for your sophisticated style, but also optimal performance. 


The way you feel in your fitness apparel will affect the way that you train. We created a better fabric and designed clothes with an athletic fit. Our goal was to create one of the most versatile pieces in your closet... one that will carry you throughout your active day.




From fiber to finished garment everything is made ethically and sweatshop free. Our factories are led by leaders, manufacturers and engineers who are known for their high quality. Our shirts are made from the most luxurious threads ideal for optimal movement.