Copy of Technical Fabric_12.20.18

You might want to look like you came from the gym, but you don’t want to smell like it. When you’re powering through a workout, you’re doing more than stepping on a treadmill or picking up some weights. You’re hitting new PR, crushing goals and that hard work doesn’t always smell fresh. But when you wear our Prema® gear, the only thing in the air will be high fives, smiles and maybe even some winks (we’re serious)... 

From studio to street, we uniquely designed our patent-pending fabric to stop the workout funk from getting into your clothes, while maintaining the life cycle and softness of your clothes…. Our shirts move and breathe with you throughout the sweatiest of workouts… seriously, it’s like wearing a dream while you sweat.

It’s not about being in the slumps with your stink anymore… it’s about stepping up.

So however you arrange your routine, Prema® can be there to help power you through it; because you might want to look like you came from the gym, but you don’t want to smell like it.


As seriously as we take our rest days, we’ve devoted two years to create and test a revolutionary fabric. We use Supima Cotton + Polyester with science embedded in the fabric. With only the essentials in our gear,  your clothes are designed last longer and feel softer.


Gone are the days of choosing utility over fashion and fit; with our patent pending fabric, you get something strong and soft.

Supima® Cotton is a superior type of cotton grown in the USA and represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world. With it’s indulgently soft touch, natural resiliency and rich deep color, Supima® Cotton is a luxury fiber that improves the quality and life of our garments.