November 10, 2020

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Accel Lifestyle Making Its Dallas Debut

Custom, one-of-a-kind Accel Lifestyle pieces to be sold at luxe Dallas retailer, Tootsies

HOUSTON, Texas  (November 10, 2020) –  Just in time for the holidays, Accel Lifestyle’s anti-bacterial apparel products - including Epic Tees, Power Tanks, Classic Crop Tops, and Prema® Anti-Bacterial Face Masks - will be available at the Tootsies’ Dallas location starting November 14th.


“Tootsies is the premier store for high-end women’s clothing, accessories, and shoes. Even before launching Accel Lifestyle, I always dreamed our apparel would one day be on display there. Now, that dream is coming true,” said Accel Lifestyle Founder and CEO Megan Eddings. “Having our apparel on display next to the likes of Veronica Beard, Mother Denim, and Cinq à Sept is such an honor and makes me beam with joy and excitement.”


In celebration of its special relationship with Tootsies, Accel Lifestyle has designed one-of-a-kind embellished Epic Tees, Classic Crop Tees, and Power Tank Tops, exclusive for the stylish Dallas woman who wants to stand out.


“Every item is 100% made right here in the USA. Each embellishment is sewn by a former ballet costume designer and each one of our brand new toxic-free tie-dye Epic Tees, Classic Crop Tees and Power Tank Tops was made by a Texas science school teacher,” said Eddings.


Accel Lifestyle has also collaborated with Tootsies on an exclusive, embroidered ‘red lipstick’ design for its Prema® Anti-Bacterial Face Masks.


“A chic Dallas woman never leaves home without her lipstick,” said Nerissa von Helpenstill, Store Director at Tootsies Dallas. “Now that face masks are the de facto accessory of the year for 2020, Dallas women can wear their masks and still present a perfect pout at the same time. Tootsies sees the design of the mask as a fun nod to the loss of lipstick this year.”


“The entire Tootsies team has been an absolute joy to work with. Co-designing an exclusive mask for this iconic retailer has been a creative blast,” Eddings said. “The need for masks isn’t going anywhere. If you’re going to have to cover your face, you may as well do it with a germ-fighting fabric that’s incredibly soft against your skin. You can kiss ‘maskne’ goodbye!”


The ‘red lipstick’ Prema® Anti-Bacterial Face Masks will be available for sale in Dallas, Houston and Atlanta Tootsies locations, as well as on starting November 14th.


Eddings, a chemist by trade, developed Prema® fabric in a quest to create an anti-stink fabric for athletic wear. In the past several months, she has used her creation to manufacture Accel Lifestyle's Prema® Anti-Bacterial Face Masks for the public and workers on the frontlines of the pandemic. With silver-poly fibers knit right into the fabric, its anti-bacterial properties won't be washed away. Not to mention, Prema® is made with Supima®, the finest cotton in the world, which is grown right here in the USA.


“Not only are our products fashionable, comfortable, anti-bacterial and breathable, they are also sustainable. Every aspect of Accel Lifestyle apparel and every decision we make as a company is based on what is best for humanity and the environment.”



The “red lipstick” Prema® Anti-Bacterial Face Mask, which is being sold exclusively by Tootsies, can be seen above in two bottom photos and top right. The two top images show an embellished version of Accel Lifestyle’s Classic Crop Top. The two bottom photos depict an embellished design of Accel Lifestyle’s Epic Tee. Both shirts are examples of the one-of-a-kind designs that will be available for sale exclusively at Tootsies’ Dallas location starting November 14.


About Accel Lifestyle:

Founded by Megan Eddings – the creative chemist who developed Prema® fabric – Accel Lifestyle is the first ethical activewear brand for people who sweat and want to smell fresh.  Combining proprietary science, fashionable fitness apparel for women and men, and an ethical supply chain, Accel Lifestyle is creating a movement for positive change. Accel Lifestyle’s mission is to empower people and inspire them to “Accel”erate their lives by promoting confidence, making healthy choices and helping others. 



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