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Coping with Stress After Devastation

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have impacted every single American directly or indirectly. Since the storms, we have watched our cities come together and help strangers in need out of pure love and generosity. Countless hours and (wo)manpower have gone into cleaning up the homes people have grown up in or just moved into. We have truly demonstrated the meaning of unconditional love. People are still suffering and the debris seems never ending, but for just an hour a day, let's take off the dirty gloves, put down the paintbrushes and hammers, and give our minds and bodies a break to recharge. Think of it like this, "I need to take a break an hour a day to recharge my...

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From Grief to Greatness

My Father, and at the time, #1 man in my life, suddenly passed away of a massive heart attack on a Tuesday at the age of 58 years young. I remember the call like it was yesterday: I was sitting at a business meeting talking about selling medical equipment to hospitals. I had back-to-back missed calls from Mom and my older brother David: "back-to-back calls, that's odd..." I thought.  I knew something was up and called back immediately and heard the tone in my brother's voice before I really understood the words he was saying "Dad is Dead".  "Whaaaaat!?!" I responded and immediately my life changed forever.   I just received one of my largest commission checks from work that...

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