Why Do You Need to Lift Weights?

Summer has arrived in full force. Swimsuit season has also arrived, which for some, is the opportunity to display their tone bodies. For others, well swimsuit season is not a welcomed arrival. Many people spend hours at the gym focusing on cardio trying to burn calories thinking that is the best way to lose weight and look great. They run, bike, or do the elliptical for miles and miles yet never seeing the results they desire. This leaves well-intended athletes frustrated and less than motivated to continue working out. But, there is a whole section of the gym thousands of people are forgetting or even avoiding. Weights! For many, the weights section of the gym is intimidating. After all who wants to be lifting next to buff men and women lifting weights larger than their head? So naturally, many avoid the weights all together. The result of skipping weights means the people who desire to lose weight and get fit are missing out the benefits derived from weight lifting. So let’s make this easy by looking at 3 quick reasons why we should all learn to incorporate weights into our workout routine this summer!
 1. Lifting Weights Improves Your Body’s Metabolism.
Lifting weights increases muscle fiber that then improves your metabolism. A higher metabolism means that your body can lose more total body fat even when you are not working out. Weight lifting is one of the best ways to improve your overall health without having to eat completely clean.
2. Lifting Weights Improves Your Heart Health.
Heart disease is one of the leading killers in the United States today. If you are young, you probably don’t think about heart disease, but what you do today will help you and your heart tomorrow. Lifting weights helps to decrease your blood pressure by up to 20% immediately after working out. Once you get into a regular routine of lifting weights, in combination with cardio multiple days per week, the decrease in blood pressure can become constant. The American Heart Association recommends adults lift weights at least twice per week to achieve these incredible heart benefits.
3. Lifting Weights Protects Your Bones.
Ladies listen up! Men too!! Lifting weights will increase bone density and helps to prevent bone loss. This, in turn, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, breaks and fractures. There is no age too late or too early to start protecting your bones!  Additionally, lifting weights improves balance, which further protects you from falling and potentially breaking or fracturing a bone. Investing in your body today will pay off not only for this summer, but for years to come when working out becomes part of your weekly routine.
You’ve been reminded of the benefits of weight lifting, now let’s keep it real and address the intimidation factor. No one is judging you, so get that out of your mind! Athletes cheer on others working out...the key is to show up and start! What may seem awkward at first will quickly become natural. Remember, weight lifting is full of incredible benefits for your body and mind (a major stress reliever). The key is not how much weight you lift, the key is always using proper form. Anyone can sling weights, which by the way will probably result in an injury. The true athlete always uses proper form. If you aren’t sure where to start, find a great trainer or workout class to ensure proper form, learn new techniques, avoid injury and keep motivated. There are even countless free online videos with awesome weight lifting routines.
You want the swimsuit bod? Weight lifting mixed with cardio and proper nutrition are the keys to the body you’ve always wanted. Now is the time to become who you want to be. Lifting weights does not have to mean you'll get big and bulky.  Our founder, Megan Eddings, hired a bodybuilding coach 2.5 years ago and her body has totally transformed. The scale hasn't changed much over the years, but her clothing size went down and her muscle mass went up, along with her metabolism and confidence. It starts with one step, it starts with you and we are here to support you to start today. 
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Written By: Elizabeth McHan

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  • Jess Brassington

    Yes! I avoided weights for years and when I FINALLY gave in I noticed a big difference. I now train less, eat more, and look leaner! What?!

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