Socially Conscious Fashion....What The What?

When my husband and I first started brainstorming about Accel Lifestyle; how the fabric would feel, the performance characteristics and the styles, we did not fully understand the entire supply chain. As a society, we tend to focus on what is literally in front of us. As we are in the middle of eating a delicious meal, we do not consciously think about the soil, the farmers and the animals. Not until we go to our local grocery store and see marketing such as "happy hens, free-range chickens, etc." do we form an image in our head of something beyond the food we eat.

It then dawned on us: we live in a culture where people buy groceries based on their origin and how the animals were supposedly treated, but we do not live in a culture where people check the tag of their clothes to see where a garment was made. After researching various factories that make fitness apparel, we were appalled to learn about the conditions; child labor, horrific wages, etc. At that moment, we knew Accel Lifestyle would be way more than just fashionable fitness apparel with technical fabrics. Accel Lifestyle would provide full transparency for the entire supply chain: from fiber to finished garment. This is socially conscious fashion.

We had this idea about 2 years ago and have been pleasantly surprised that there is definitely a movement around the world that supports this very notion: buy from brands that are both beautiful in quality, but also brands that truly incorporate love. Launching Accel Lifestyle has taken longer than originally expected because it is so important that every step in the process is ethical and socially conscious. To accomplish this, all fibers, yarns, fabric, sewing, etc. are from the USA. As a startup fitness apparel company, it is much easier to monitor and evaluate the workers' conditions if we all live in the same country.

People get really excited when I say that the fabric for Accel Lifestyle was designed with my chemistry background, curse of the sweat gene, and love for fashion. That is usually where the conversation stops and people ask, "When can I buy?" Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hearing this question. However, Accel Lifestyle is so much more than the garment you put on your back. Just as you give thought to the food you put into your mouths, I challenge you to give thought to the people making your clothes. Companies such as Olivia Wilde's Conscious Commerce and Alabama Chanin share the common belief that fashion can be both appealing to the consumer from an aesthetic standpoint, but also appealing in terms of a transparent supply chain.

As I start my Accel Lifestyle blog, I have decided that I really want to let you know about the brand/voice behind the company. I love fitness tips, new trends in fashion, and researching the newest craze (I'll definitely post about these), but I want people to know about the legacy I want to leave, the conversations I want to start, and the lives I want to impact.




  • Virjinia

    I really love this! I’m glad that more people are now leaning toward educating themselves on where their clothes and household items come from. It’s super easy to separate ourselves from it all in the comfort of our own home.

  • LInda Parsel

    Looking forward to following your apparel and hope you will also be doing bathing suits. ??‍♀️

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