Gym Hair, Don't Care

Ladies, today we are talking all things hair! Sorry guys, this one's not for you... unless you are rocking the man bun, in that case, you should try out some of our fun braids to spice it up.
Before we dive into our favorite gym hairdos, we need to cover the basics for most of these styles, braiding. For some, braiding comes naturally, for others (like us) you need a little help. So here are our favorite tutorials on how to french braid and how to dutch braid
Below is a sneak peak of what those braids will look like when you're done:
Single French Braid vs Single Dutch Braid 
Double French Braids vs Double Dutch Braids
Once you've mastered the basics, you can step it up a notch for your #sweatsesh. This 'do will also carry over to brunch with the girls after!  


1. Dutch Braids to Pigtails

This style is a retake of the double dutch braids to add a little more sass. Follow the same steps you would for normal double dutch braids, but once you reach the base of your neck, stop braiding, pull all your hair into a ponytail, grab a one inch section of hair, and wrap it around the hair tie. Next, secure the wrapped piece of hair with a bobby pin and tease your ponytail to add some volume. Give the finished look a once-over with some hair spray to hold it all in place.

2. French Braid to High Ponytail

If you love a high ponytail for your workouts, this is the perfect look for you! All you do is start your normal french braid but only grab hair from the top of your head (ignoring the hair below your temples). Keep braiding until you reach the point where you want your ponytail to sit. Secure your ponytail tightly and tease it to add some volume. Pull at the sides of your french braid to give it some extra volume and spray your braids to ensure all those baby hairs or bangs stay in place. Here's a tutorial with some extra detail.


3. French Braid to Topknot

Another popular style for working out is a messy bun. The French Braid to Topknot is a cute retake on the messy bun that looks great in and out of the gym. It can look daunting to try, but we promise you can do it. To start, flip your head over and begin a normal french braid at the base of your neck. Next, continue braiding until you reach the desired location of your bun. Secure your bun with a hair-tie, some bobby pins, and hair spray. Here's a tutorial to help you with this tricky upside-down braid.


4. Twisted Double Buns

This is our favorite of all the styles and it is also one of the easiest to do! Start off by splitting your hair into two sections. On the left side, grab all the hair from the front until your ear. Then, twist that chunk of hair backwards and add hair to it as you move toward the back of your head. Once your reach the base of your neck on the left side, take all remaining hair on left side and twist it. Then, swirl the twisted hair into a bun, securing in place with a hair band, bobby pins, and hair spray. Pull at the bun to give it more volume if desired. Repeat this same process on the right side. #voila


We hope these styles inspire you to spice up your hair game at the gym. Check out our Pinterest page to find more #hairspiration! If you try out any of our styles or create your own, tag us on Instagram @AccelLifestyle so we can share your fabulous 'do!

Written By: Elizabeth McHan

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