From Grief to Greatness

My Father, and at the time, #1 man in my life, suddenly passed away of a massive heart attack on a Tuesday at the age of 58 years young. I remember the call like it was yesterday: I was sitting at a business meeting talking about selling medical equipment to hospitals. I had back-to-back missed calls from Mom and my older brother David: "back-to-back calls, that's odd..." I thought.  I knew something was up and called back immediately and heard the tone in my brother's voice before I really understood the words he was saying "Dad is Dead".  "Whaaaaat!?!" I responded and immediately my life changed forever.
I just received one of my largest commission checks from work that morning and was going to call Dad to tell him after my meeting (or at least that was my plan). He was my biggest cheerleader, financial advisor, therapist, dating coach and sounding board. All of the emotions of grief came crashing down on me at once: fear, anger, shock, confusion, etc...
Fast forward a few days later (every day leading up to Dad's funeral is somewhat of a blur) and I find myself standing on the altar, with my best friend Jess standing beside me, giving his eulogy. It was so easy to write because I knew Dad inside and out and we had that Father/Daughter bond that you see in the movies. Did we fight? Oh heck yes....but that's only because our personalities were strikingly similar in so many ways. We were stubborn, "always right" and had to get in the last word. 
About a week after the eulogy, a tidal wave of thoughts came over me: "Wow, I just stood on the altar for about 25 minutes and never once brought up my Dad's job" (he worked at the same company for over 30 years). This realization was profound in so many ways. I've always poured my heart and soul into my job/career: selling medical equipment. I knew that I didn't want someone to give my eulogy some day and say "Megan was the best sales rep ever"....I knew there had to be more, more that I could do with this one life that I had been given. I've always volunteered in my free time and have been uber-positive, but would it be possible to combine these passions into a career? I didn't know it then, but that was the beginning of Accel Lifestyle.


  • Sheree Khoury

    You are lucky to have had that bond with your dad. I did not have a dad that was as involved and loving as yours. My dad is very much alive but I choose not to have a relationship with him, my point is, the memories you have are priceless and worth more than anything.

  • Jessica Sheets

    Megan- you are honoring your father’s memory, and honoring your true self at the same time. The love between you and your dad is always there. It continues. Your work and the way you live your life perpetuate and augment the love. ? Thanks for sharing these personal moments and feelings. Love, Jess

  • Jeanne Durand

    I am sure your dad is looking down on you from heaven beaming with pride! Congratulations Megan….You make us all proud!!!

  • Shayna

    It is amazing that you are pursuing your dreams. I know God and Uncle Richard have a plan for you. We are praying for you and so proud!

  • Tara

    That was beautiful Meg. Thank you for sharing your story. You’re doing great things! Best of luck to you. Xo ❤️

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