Coping with Stress After Devastation

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have impacted every single American directly or indirectly. Since the storms, we have watched our cities come together and help strangers in need out of pure love and generosity. Countless hours and (wo)manpower have gone into cleaning up the homes people have grown up in or just moved into. We have truly demonstrated the meaning of unconditional love.

People are still suffering and the debris seems never ending, but for just an hour a day, let's take off the dirty gloves, put down the paintbrushes and hammers, and give our minds and bodies a break to recharge. Think of it like this, "I need to take a break an hour a day to recharge my mind and body (just like your cell phone)". I need to remain mentally strong and healthy in order to keep helping those in need. 

Even those who are cleaning their own homes need to take a break, more so than the people helping. It is very emotional to see years of memories washed away or damaged. One of the best ways to deal with stress is to detach, walk away, and distract yourself with a healthy positive activity. In order to fully detach, you will have to walk away from the task at hand, turn off the news, stop reading Facebook and Twitter feeds and especially remind yourself of why you are doing it. We all need to detach for an hour and we need to start today.

You are probably thinking, "That sounds like a wonderful idea, but HOW do I detach? Do I just walk away? Where do I go? What do I do?" We've put together some examples:

Crack a Sweat:

It is amazing to see how many fitness facilities, gyms, yoga studios, etc. have opened their doors for free classes (all around the country) yes classES! It is not to attract new members, so do not be wary of sales pitches and personal trainers coming after you; these are genuine people who know how much stress can affect the mind and body, and just want to give you an outlet. Check out Fitness in the Loop for Houston's free classes.


If a gym is not your thing, there are tons of other options as well. Go for a walk, run, bike ride, read, color (Why Adults Should Be Coloring), meditate; the list can go on and on!

If you have never meditated before, here is a good website to learn How to Meditate. Other options would be to download the apps Calm or 10% Happier.

But if you know sitting still and breathing will not work for you, there are some beneficial alternatives in Meditation for Those Who Can't Sit Still.

If you truly detach for just an hour a day (even 15 minutes is beneficial), and let your mind and body reconnect, you will notice an abundance of mental and physical benefits.

The Accel Lifestyle team started a few months ago and have been blown away with the results. Mentally, it can reduce anxiety and help you feel calmer, and that alone can be priceless for many. Harvey and Irma's destruction is not something we can change; thinking about the past will not ease your mind, but detaching for an hour will help you stay in the present and hopefully start to increase positivity within your day. Physically, it helps to naturally rejuvenate, repair, and rebuild your body; you will even sleep better. Your body cannot function at 100% without proper sleep. Giving yourself an hour break will also improve your immune system because your body will not produce as much cortisol...the stress hormone. That is something we can ALL benefit from.

HoUSton and beyond cannot remain strong without YOU, so make sure to take time each day to reset and refuel: Your mind and body will thank you.

Make it a fabulous day!

Riddhi Chheda and Megan Eddings 


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  • Virjinia Harp

    I couldn’t agree more! When I was helping others through the mess left behind by Harvey, it felt like I was quickly spiraling out of control. It wasn’t until I took an hour to myself for yoga or a workout that I felt recharged. In such a stressful situation, it is much more important to take time to recharge.

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