5 Quick Ways to Destress

Think about your life for a moment: your days are jam packed with crushing goals at the gym, running between work meetings and trying to make happy hour with your friends. When is the last time you took time for yourself? Taking time for ourselves is so important to our mental health. So before trying any of our favorite de-stressing methods take a moment to turn off that phone. Now, here are some great ways to destress and enjoy a little time for yourself!
1. Hit the gym 
Whether you are running on a treadmill or hitting your favorite kickboxing class, you are ready to sweat it out. This is one of the best ways to immediately feel a total rush of energy and forget about all of the items on your to do list! So go ahead and get sweaty because this is the best way to reduce stress and totally boost your body's ability to deal with existing tension. Let's just call it a total win-win (and your body will also thank you!) 
2. Enjoy the Great Outdoors 
For an extra hit of self love, get outside and start moving. What's your style...jogging, hiking or biking? All that Vitamin D from soaking up the sun (of course while wearing sunscreen) will have you feeling bright and cheery all day long! Start plotting your next outdoor adventure and invite a friend or two.
3. Journaling
A great way to reflect on your day and let out some built up stress is writing it out. Find a comfy chair, make yourself a cup of tea, and start journaling. Reflect on things you want to accomplish and things you are grateful for to further promote a positive mindset. Journal in the morning to set your intensions for the day or journal at night to give praise for all you accomplished during the day. Paper Source always has fabulous journals, we are loving this one right now.
4. Read a book
A wonderful way to destress is to escape to a different world through reading. Find a book in your favorite genre and relax while reading a few chapters. It could be a fiction, nonfiction, or an empowerment book...whatever your feeling.
5. Zen Out 
Ahhh....fill up your tub with some warm water, add your favorite smelling bubble bath and your favorite bath salts. Or add a bath bomb for some fun color and scents to total zen out. Throw on your favorite playlist and maybe even a mud mask and turn your bathroom into your own personal spa. 
Check out these awesome Anthropolgie additions to any bath: bubble bathbath salts and bath bombs 
Peace Out stress... the key is to take "me-time" each day (even if only 15 minutes). You are a total baller, so make yourself a priority and #treatyoself.

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