5 Successful #BossHabits Before 8:30am


Ever find yourself to be the ultimate snoozer, frantically searching for the perfect outfit or doing your makeup on the drive to the office? You then feel completely rushed and frazzled for the day. If you haven't had these happen, we officially declare you a unicorn.

For the rest of us, we may need a little guidance and we know that the morning sets the tone for the day. We want you to start it insanely successful and with a feeling of confidence and #slaymode.

Try these 5 tips successful #BossHabits before 8:30am to jump start your day: 

1. Get That Body Moving 

Set your alarm 30 minutes before you usually wake up to get up and get moving. This can be anything from a walk around your neighborhood to a light yoga flow in your living room... brownie points if you make it a spin class or 3 mile run! Have your workout outfit set the night before and your favorite playlist ready to get you moving! To keep it real, we've actually been known to sleep in our gym clothes for the morning sweat-sesh. #noexcuses

2. Read The News 

#Bossbabes & #DopeDudes are always in the know! We are informed about important issues and take just a few minutes to read each morning to stay in the loop! Our favorite is the Skimm and current Google Alerts on the most relevant topics. We get about 30 Google Alerts every morning to our inbox on topics that we truly care about (business and personal) and we can do a quick skim in about 5 minutes. #beinformed

3. Fuel Up 

We've heard it from Mom our entire life...breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Fire up your body and mind with a delicious and nutritious breakfast, you won't regret it! Our favorite is a plant-based protein, strawberries, powdered peanut butter, ice and water. #fuelupbuttercup

4. Set Your Intentions For The Day 

First off, feel truly grateful that you woke up and have the opportunity to make this day meaningful. What are your goals (business and selfcare) to accomplish today? Either make a list or do 10-minutes of meditation (using Calm or Headspace). Once you start checking off your bulleted list, you will feel like a million bucks! #yougotthis

5. Do One Thing That Brings You Joy 

Starting off your day with something you absolutely love will make your day that much more enjoyable. Whether you are reading a book while enjoying your morning coffee, playing with your dog, or trolling the gram... just a few minutes of joy can completely shift your entire mindset. #treatyoself

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