Accel /ak'sel/

Verb: To increase or accelerate

Feel Good In Every Way

A progressive lifestyle approach, focusing on integrating health and well-being with the products that accelerate your everyday life. Whether you are working from home, moving your body or enjoying some fresh air, we created a better fabric that simply weaves into every aspect of your bold and adventurous life.

Living a life of endless possibilities.


Accel is Set on Sustainability

Billions of single-use plastic bottles end up in landfills forever.

Learn How We're Changing That

Why Accel? We'll let a few customers answer that.

I am seeing Accel all over the city! Everywhere I turn, I am seeing their gear and I had to give it a shot. I am totally impressed by how soft and eco-friendly their gear is. 


My shirt looks and feels great. Hit my first workout at Equinox and it was incredible. Seriously. No smell at all. I even smelled it days after it was sitting in my bag and it didn't smell one bit.


My Tee is seriously so comfortable. I can wash it without worrying about the shirt falling apart. I purchased about 3 more because they are so soft, durable and know they will last for years to come!


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