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A progressive lifestyle approach, focusing on integrating health and well-being with the products that accelerate your everyday life. Whether you are working from home, moving your body or enjoying some fresh air, we created a better fabric that simply weaves into every aspect of your bold and adventurous life.

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When the call for protective masks came, we knew Prema was the answer. Now is the time to mask up, stay protected and stay healthy. While our material was created to fight odor,
it first and foremost fights bacteria growth.

Our fabrics were created with comfort, cleanliness, and durability in mind. Our domestic manufacturing produces face masks quickly and on a large scale. We are supplying thousands of face masks daily to hospitals, government agencies, front line workers and corporations.

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Email us at info@accellifestyle.com 

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100% Made in the USA 
Anti- Bacterial 
Machine Washable


Why Accel? We'll let a few customers answer that.

I am seeing Accel all over the city! Everywhere I turn, I am seeing their gear and I had to give it a shot. I am totally impressed by how soft and eco-friendly their gear is. 


My shirt looks and feels great. Hit my first workout at Equinox and it was incredible. Seriously. No smell at all. I even smelled it days after it was sitting in my bag and it didn't smell one bit.


My Tee is seriously so comfortable. I can wash it without worrying about the shirt falling apart. I purchased about 3 more because they are so soft, durable and know they will last for years to come!

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Accel /ak'sel/

Verb: To increase or accelerate
Accel lifestyle | Shop Best T- Shirt For Boy's And Girl's Online 2021
Casual & High Quality
Soft & Sustainable
Sweat, Don't Smell

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